Discover your true relationship needs and how to spot those who can meet them. Uncover the patterns that have been keeping you stuck. Prepare for an “A-ha!” moment or three! 


Superstar matchmaker Lisa Clampitt joins us to teach you how to find those singles and connect with them, fast! Discover the answer to the #1 question asked all of matchmakers: “Where do you find the matches??” 


Who better to join us for this week than the incomparable Amy Van Doran, who specializes in matching people so outstandingly special they can best be described as “unicorns” – after Amy brings out their best, most magnetic traits, that is. What makes you irresistible? Find out this week! 


Now you know exactly who you’re looking for. You know how to find amazing potential matches and you know how to become irresistible. Now is the time to discover the formula to choosing the RIGHT person for YOU. Don’t waste your precious time! We’ve got you covered. 


  • Weekly Videos and Worksheets: This special, Bootcamp-only content isn’t available anywhere else! Dive in with video trainings and PDFs to lay out the exact steps to finding your ideal match! 


  • Group and 1:1 Support: Shhh… Don’t tell anyone, but there’s a secret Facebook group only for Bootcampers. Get advice, share your wins and ask questions directly of Francesca!


  • Go At Your Own Pace: Want to grab each weekly module the day it’s released? No problem! Want to take more time and go a bit slower? That’s fine, too. Once you join the Bootcamp, the materials are yours, for life! 


  • The Best Advice, The Biggest Deal in Town:  To sit down with Francesca, Amy and Lisa would be an investment totaling thousands of dollars. The bootcamp investment? $0! (When you purchase the Find Love Online Workshop!) 


Q: Is Bootcamp live? 

Bootcamp takes place online, so anyone can participate wherever in the world they might be.

Each week for 4 weeks there is a new module released, containing videos and worksheets to lay out action steps. Even though the modules are released weekly, you can complete them at your own pace. You have access to the modules forever!  

Q: How do the modules work? 

Each module has at least one video (some bonus videos will also be released over the course of the 4 weeks). The goal of Bootcamp is not for you to passively sit and watch videos (though they will be amazing!) – which is why they’ll be accompanied by a worksheet that lays out the action steps you can start taking right away to incorporate our expert advice into your own life! Yesssss.

Q: What does Bootcamp focus on? 

  • Week One focuses on how to determine your true relationship needs and how to recognize potential partners who can fulfill them. Get ready for an A-ha (or three) about your past dating patterns and how to break them!
  • Week Two features master matchmaker Lisa Clampitt and Lisa is going to walk you through how to open yourself up to meet more potential matches AND the steps to take to start meeting them now, without online dating!
  • Week Three features love and style guru Amy Van Doran. Amy is a genius of personal branding and how to lead with what makes you uniquely YOU. She’s going to show you how to become your most magnetic so you can attract more potential partners to you than ever!
  • Week Four is all about sealing the deal! Now that you’ll be armed with these new tools to connect and attract, I’m going to show you how to pick the right partners and start getting into the right kinds of relationships NOW!

Basically, we’re giving you our best advice and the tools to implement it to find your perfect match! 

Q: Are there any guarantees?

There are no guarantees in love boo, BUT we do guarantee you that if you complete all four weeks, including taking the actions we suggest, you WILL be empowered and you WILL be MUCH further along on your love journey than you would be if you didn’t participate in Bootcamp. (And you’ll probably be meeting lots more eligible singles than ever!) 

Q: What is the cost?

To get this kind of access to Amy, Lisa and me would normally cost you thousands of dollars. But, as Amy puts it, “because we’re crazy and we love you” Bootcamp is a FREE bonus when you buy F.L.O.W.! 

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