“I recommend Francesca because she is kind, understanding, and direct. Plus she has been in so many situations in her own dating life, so she is able to provide real feedback. She is very sweet, funny, hardworking, and very honest. She will have your back and wants you to grow and succeed in dating!”

Britney L.

“Francesca is the new matchmaking success story!”

Jason Silver, The Matchmaking Institute

“Francesca is trustworthy, smart, has lived and learned, realizes the importance of ongoing self-awareness, and is kind and sincere in her eagerness to help and advise.”

Jana D.

“If you work with Francesca, be ready for a big shift in your dating life! She is very supportive and non-judgmental and has great insight into people. “

Shannon W.

“Before working with Francesca, I felt stuck. Now I’ve gone on a bunch of dates and my outlook on dating is way more positive! I know there will be bumps in the road, but I feel more solid in my understanding of the dating process and what I want from a relationship.”

Grace S.

“Francesca helped me go from unsure to having a better handle on my career and relationship challenges. Her perspective is fresh and insightful and intelligent.”

Gina N.

“Talking to Franny brightens my day. She is positive and upbeat, but also realistic and incredibly helpful when it comes to making tough decisions. Franny has helped me realize what I want in life and out of relationships and has coached me in a way that has led me to be more vulnerable, open, and […]

Eliza C.

“I went from uncertain to relieved. Francesca is always supportive and helps me see a positive path. I trust her to think of all sides of a situation and help me figure out the best direction. Francesca’s wisdom about life and love is spot on.”

Maggie O.

“Francesca is so much fun to talk to…very playful but also sincere. She is so great at pointing out the value I bring to relationships. She makes me feel like someone should be just as excited to date me as I am them! “

Amanda L.

“I was amazed at how clearly I could see patterns in my old relationship so quickly! Francesca helped me to see the value of really tuning into myself and opening up to all possibilities. I would recommend her to anyone looking to key in on what it takes to have a successful relationship from the […]

Colleen T.




Are You Ready To Make True Love Your New Normal?
Are You Ready To Make True Love Your New Normal?

You want and deserve true love. And guess what? It’s 100% possible for you. (I promise!) I know how farfetched that might sound, and trust me — there was a time when I wouldn’t have believed it either!

That’s why I created The Confident Dater, a 360° education in how to master each phase of your love journey. I created it for people like you! People who want to live your best life and have true love, without settling.

No one ever taught you how to find true love! Until now. Learn more and enroll at www.theconfidentdater.com.

Make true love your new normal.
Make true love your new normal.
Make true love your new normal.
Make true love your new normal.
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“Working with Francesca brought a whole new perspective that never crossed mind and I am truly grateful. I now have the tools to take everything in stride and enjoy myself more than I would have before. Francesca made me want to keep going even when I’ve given up. Go into coaching with an open mind […]

Brooke N.

“Not only have I gained insight but I actually went on dates after a very long time. Francesca’s approach is not forced at all, and she makes people feel very comfortable, so I felt motivated easily.”

Lydia G.

“Working with Francesca exceeded my expectations because it taught me a lot about myself and helped me get very clear on what I am looking for. I used to focus on being liked and had trouble feeling worthy. I only went out with people who liked me first instead of having a clear idea of […]

Stacy S.

“You have changed my life- I’m so grateful for you! I didn’t think my confidence would actually increase and I would see myself as someone desirable to date. I had some very enjoyable dates and some awkward ones and one AMAZING one with a guy I am now exclusively seeing and I wouldn’t have met […]

Aimee S.

“Francesca has enthusiasm, an ability to meet people where they are and total openness. I’ve gained a lot of insight into my dating habits. I now know what I really need in a relationship and how to be on the lookout for those qualities.”

Lynna C.

“I really wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from coaching, but my expectations have been exceeded! Francesca is very focused and hones in on exactly what needs to be done, how best to approach it based on your goals, you ability and your potential – in short she knows where you need to stretch to […]

Genna M.

“Francesca has amazing energy. (No sugar coating.) Working with her gave me much needed insight as to what I need to focus on internally. My limiting belief of approaching men and starting conversation is gone – yahoo!!!”

Sara Y.

“I feel confident I will meet my husband as a result of the work I am doing with Francesca.”

Donna D.

“Francesca is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for a ‘richer’ dating experience. Dating is a lot more fun for me now, AND I’ve met some great matches!”

Angela N.

“After turning to Francesca for help, I felt like the sky turned blue and the sun came out from behind the clouds! She provided honest and thoughtful insight that I wasn’t getting from anywhere else.”

Marcia M.
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