Ep #16 Ben Bidwell, “The Naked Professor” — Dropping the mask of toxic masculinity

August 29, 2019

“Like tears, I felt like kindness, compassion and empathy weren’t personality traits I could embrace if I wanted to thrive as a man.” Ben Bidwell, a.k.a. “The Naked Professor” (@thenakedprofessor) has come a long way from being a “toxic man” to a coach, writer and speaker who teaches the power of vulnerability, the importance of mental health and self love. Ben opens up about his personal development journey which began out of his frustration with not being able to orgasm, his struggles with insecurity, his desire to find a truly connected love relationship, and his ability to inspire and transform the lives of others. 

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Ben’s IG: @thenakedprofessor

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Ben’s Podcast: The Naked Professors

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