Ep #62 An Interview With My Mother! Joyce Hogi

July 31, 2020

Let’s just start by saying my mother is amazing. I’ll follow that by saying little did I realize how strong, selfless and amazing she is until I looked back at how she raised me, always allowing me to be myself. It is through her tireless pursuit of ambitious goals and fierce refusal to compromise her values that she instilled in me an appreciation for treating others as I would love to be treated. 

We unpacked her childhood days during the segregation period, growing up as the last born in a family of nine, what drew her to New York, her love story and the five things I love most about her. Even though she was exposed to education facilities, both of her parents (my grandparents) didn’t get past elementary school.  

Despite her lack of “qualifications”, you’d be surprised at how wise she is. I took away much insight from this conversation just as I have from academic professors and renown entrepreneurs. Her hard-won life lessons will forever be ingrained in me. 

I hope this interview inspires you to know that regardless of your relationship with your own mother, healing is possible. And to appreciate the women in your life and thank them for what they have done in your life. 

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