Tired of living your life by default? 



You’ve done everything you were supposed to do. You got an education, a job, a career… But at some point you began to suspect that you were meant for something more. You realized that your “safe” life choices aren’t leading to the fulfillment you had hoped.

Is the status quo not cutting it anymore? It’s never too late to start living your life with deliberate purpose- design– I’ve done it and I can help you do it, too!  

I offer the following transformational coaching options:

 #1 One-month Life Design Intensive*

  • 1 game-changing Clarity Session (2-2½ hrs) to discover your true vision of the life you were meant to live and uncover what’s stopping you from having it! You’ll leave this session with a clear, articulated vision of the path you want to create and an action plan to make it happen! I love this part and you will too! 


  • 3 weekly follow-up sessions (50 mins/each) to keep you motivated and progressing on your path. Don’t underestimate the power of accountability and continued support!

#2 Three-month Life Design Package*

  • Includes the 2-2½ hour game-changing Clarity Session described above,


  • 11 weekly follow-up sessions to keep you forging ahead,


  • Unlimited email support, because sometimes you’ll need an immediate brainstorming buddy (that’s me) or assistance with any challenges that arise.

* Sessions are facilitated via phone, Skype, or in-person (schedule and location permitting. For clients desiring in-person sessions outside of the New York and Los Angeles metro areas, contact me for customized VIP options). 

Check it out…