January 7, 2020

Activate This Superpower When Your Desires Feel Far Away

Hello Doll,

To be human is to have desire. Desire for all sorts of things, big and small. Love, purpose, intimacy, chocolate chip cookies…

Sometimes fulfilling your desires is easy enough, sometimes it presents a few challenges, and sometimes it’s downright difficult. Like really f*cking hard. When you hit those difficult obstacles on the path to your desires, you’re at a crossroads. 

At that crossroads, your choice is either to quit or to persevere.

Sometimes quitting is an easy choice — the window closed decades ago for you to become an Olympic gymnast, or you can happily live without a chocolate chip cookie at this exact moment. 

But sometimes you want to keep going. Your heart won’t let you quit, at least not all the way. After all, the desire for the big things in life is hardwired into you – love, connection, meaning – you know – the really big things. 

It’s all too easy to get stuck at that crossroads, sometimes over and over for years without the breakthrough you’re waiting for. 

The great news is that you have within you a superpower — one you’ve already used countless times in your life. One that will get you unstuck if you commit to it. Determination. 

When your determination to figure out the next best step on your path is activated, you’re constantly moving forward, by inches and by leaps and bounds.

Your determination can be a tool to access your creativity, your courage, your self awareness, your confidence, and so much more.  

Whatever it is you desire for your life this year, I encourage you to tap deeper into your desire. Own it. Commit to finding the path to achieving it. Commit to being compassionate towards yourself on the journey. Commit to staying curious about what’s possible. Commit to the stubborn determination that says I will keep moving forward. I will figure this out. 

And yes, this same determination applies to your desire for romantic love. Really and truly! 

Commit, and watch how quickly you’ll get unstuck. 


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