June 19, 2015

Body and Soul


Hey, everybody, Francesca here. Today I want to talk to you about your body and your health and your mental state and your emotional state and your spiritual state and why those things are so important when it comes to your search for love.

The reason being that I talk to a lot of single people who either tell me how much they want to meet somebody and they’re trying to go on lots of dates, maybe they are going on lots of dates. Then we talk more and find out they’re not sleeping, they’re not exercising, they’re not eating well, they don’t feel good in their bodies, they’re not showing up as their best selves because they just, on a very fundamental level, feel like crap.

That is really harmful and not only are you diminishing the quality of your life and your experience of living your life if you’re not taking the time to prioritize yourself and get enough rest and eat good food. Even if your exercise means taking a walk around the block a couple of times a day, just something that you’re doing just for you, you’re really selling yourself short.

You’re also diminishing the chances of really showing up as your best self in dating because you’re going to always have that fatigue and you’re going to have that feeling of discomfort in your body and you’re going to have just that heaviness.

Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, the things that you do to take care of yourself, like I said, they enhance your own life, but they also make you more attractive and they make you just show up in a better place to connect with people in a dating context, and that’s really important.

There’s no down side, whether it’s meditation for you, whether it’s prayer, whether you need to go to therapy, whether you need to read books—whatever it is that’s going to really help to nourish you and to really make you feel connected to your body and to your spirit and to your mind, those things are super important and they are going to help you find love, take my word for it.

Thanks for watching. Bye!