May 12, 2017

Channeling Your Inner Blanche Devereaux

Happy Friday!

I’m a huge fan of The Golden Girls. I’ve seen every episode multiple times. It never gets old!

Last week at dinner with some girlfriends I asked everyone which Golden Girl they most identified with. I myself always related most to Dorothy, the smart, sensible and level-headed one.
When I told them I was a Dorothy, my friends unilaterally declared that I was more Blanche than Dorothy. After some initial resistance, I realized I really am pretty much a Blanche. (A Blanche/Dorothy hybrid, to more precise.)
Since then, I’ve embraced my Blanche status. As women, we are taught early on to be modest and passive and to deflect compliments and to be sexy to men while also pretending not to want sex for ourselves. 
I talk to so many single women who have completely suppressed their inner Blanche Devereux, to their detriment. They are stuck in a cycle of being critical of themselves and waiting for a man to “discover” them instead of discovering themselves.
And so I was inspired to create a new challenge – a 30-day Blanche Devereux challenge! This challenge is designed to take a different action each day for 30 days to channel a little bit of Blanche’s boldness and sassiness and confidence into your life.

It’s my gift to you and can download it HERE.

Feel free to share it with a friend and do the challenge together! 
Go forth and be sexy, sugar!