February 20, 2015

Dare to dream?

Think a moment about those words: Dare to dream.

The act of dreaming is an acknowledgment of the power of our dreams and aspirations for ourselves. It takes daring – courage to dream. 

My first ever #LifeByDesign contest closed yesterday. One of the criteria for entrants was to share with me their biggest dream for their lives in 2015. 

The answers were amazing and inspiring! I heard dreams of everything from furthering their education, growing their family and launching the business of their dreams. 

I appreciated the courage of those who shared their dreams with me. I know that for some people, dreaming big is too scary a proposition to contemplate. 

In that spirit, I’m going to share my big dreams: that 2015 is the year where all of the work that I’ve put in and my desire to always grow and achieve more comes to fruition.

I dream of financial abundance and freedom. I dream that my work dramatically changes (for the better) the lives of more and more people. I dream that my personal relationships reach the next level of intimacy and connection. I dream of being free from worry and self-doubt. 

I dream all this and more. And I have to confess – it’s a little scary to put that on the internet for all of the world to see. But I believe that kind of vulnerability and honesty has power. And besides, I always aim to be a little bit more courageous than I used to be. 

How about you? Do you dare to dream?