June 23, 2020

Finding and Acting on Your Purpose

Hello Love,

One of the greatest life challenges is getting to identify what your purpose in life is. Not only does this discovery add meaning to your life, but it also gives you the strength to face the day to day challenges. And you know what? Your purpose doesn’t have to be static throughout your entire life. It is something that can change depending on what the situation is, where you are in life, and what has presented itself.

Defining Your Purpose

So, what is “purpose”? My definition of purpose is the intersection between your natural talents and gifts and abilities and an opportunity to be of service. Where do the things you are naturally good at, the things that come easily to, the things you might be taking for granted because they come so easily to you intersect? For instance, you might be an excellent communicator, and you take it for granted that you’ve always been able to communicate really well or you might be a great baker and you take it for granted. Or you might be an amazing musician or dancer or you might be incredibly empathetic, you might have a real natural ability to make people feel very seen and very heard and very valued. So what are you doing with your gifts?

Everything You Were Born With Has a Purpose

This is a moment in time where we have a choice to make when we see a gap. And when we have these moments in time, especially if you’re feeling powerless, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed, the real remedy to that is to take action. These little ways in which we can be of service doesn’t mean that you have to figure out how you can reach a million. It’s how you can reach one person. That’s your job right now. It’s so important to really know that everything that you were born with, has a purpose, everything that you were interested in, you’re interested in for a reason. Every natural gift that you have, you have for a reason. You are not a mistake. It is not random. I don’t care how trivial you think it is, how much you’re discounting, whatever it is, that is your jam, whatever it is. that lights you up whatever it is that you are good at. It is there for a reason.

Acting on your gifts is an act of love towards yourself…

How do you Identify What You Are Good at?

Just open yourself up. Don’t just think about your resume. Think about what is in your heart. Think about the things that people come to you for. Think about the things that people say, “Wow! you’re so good at that” or “Man, you’re just so good at putting a smile on my face!” Think about what you were drawn to when you were a kid. What are those things? Maybe you’re a great reader, and your purpose right now is to read books and to translate them for people, I don’t mean literally translate like into a different language. But maybe you’re the person who’s going to voraciously read books that you read and will want the world to get the message as well. So maybe you’re the person who’s always recommending books. Maybe you can break it down a little bit more for the people who aren’t going to read the book, but there’s a message in there that you really want to make sure it gets out into the world. So amplifying other people’s messages could be part of your purpose right now. It’s not about how many people you’re impacting. It’s about you taking action that’s in alignment with your heart and your souls, natural gifts and talents and expressing them out into the world.

Stop Playing Small!

There are too many people who are playing small. There are too many people who think that they don’t matter. There are too many people who think that their voice doesn’t count. There are too many people who think They do not have anything to share with the world. And I am here to tell you to stop doing that! Don’t be a person who shrinks away from your gifts and your talents and diminishes them know that everything that you have within you is beautiful, there is a reason for it. Today, at this moment in time, this moment in history, you have a real opportunity to activate your purpose in a way that you maybe never thought you could or you would or you’d never even considered before.

The World Needs Your Gifts Now More Than Ever. The world needs you and your soul needs you to be brave enough and creative enough to bring your beauty and your joy and your talents out into the world. Identify your purpose, and work on it!