December 23, 2016

My Holiday Wish For You (Yes, You!)

Happy Holidays! 

This week I had multiple conversations about falling in love. It’s so interesting how many different ways people define that experience.

If you fell out of love, was it love to begin with? Can you fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you? Does love at first sight exist? Is there someone in love with you without you knowing it, and if so, is that truly love?

Is love an agreement between two people? Can that agreement be broken without mutual consent? Can you be in love and not even know it?

From all the opinions I’ve heard about falling in love, the common theme seems to be that when it comes to defining love, context is everything.

I believe that to fully experience love, you have to see it as both a feeling and an action. They feed off of each other. The more you feel love, the more you are driven to express it. The more you express it, the more that action inspires you to feel it.

I don’t consider falling in love to only be romantic. Romance doesn’t have a monopoly on love – love is bigger than everything. You can fall in love with anyone, including yourself.

And that’s my holiday wish for you – to fall in love, to fall back in love, over and over, starting with you.