November 9, 2018

Part 8 – How to Actually Meet Someone Online and Not Swipe Into the Void

How to Actually Do Better Online Without It Being Overwhelming

 Here we are at Part 8! Thank you for sticking with me this far. In case you missed it, here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Part 1: Setting and acting in accordance with your love intention

Part 2: Showing your true self and sharing the right story

Part 3: How not to be a cliche online

Part 4: How many people to message to go on actual dates

Part 5: How to write a great message

Part 6: How to move from chatting online to dating IRL

Part 7: How to go on a first date

For this last post, I’m giving you some parting words of wisdom. This is especially for you if you feel overwhelmed by all the info in Part 1-7.

 Tip #8 You don’t have to be perfect, online or off, to meet your special someone.  

There are people who do the opposite of the advice I’ve given here and still luck out and meet someone amazing, they fall in love and live happily ever after, etc.

It’s like getting rich – some people inherit riches, some people work hard to earn them, and some people win the lottery.

If you weren’t born rich, but you really, really want to be rich, what would you do? You might work hard, invest money, save, etc. Or you roll the dice, literally and figuratively, and hope you hit the jackpot without really “trying”.

Which strategy is most likely to succeed?

In love, we’re all playing the lottery to some extent. There is luck, serendipity, and even fate involved in us finding the right person at the right time.

I’ve given you the advice that’s worked for hundreds of people I’ve worked with and spoken. A lot of it I learned the hard way from my online dating days.

You don’t have to do everything perfectly online to find love. However, I urge you to at least pick ONE THING and do it better than you have up until now.

Maybe you commit to getting new photos, or sending 10 engaging messages this week. Perhaps your goal is to pivot to an in-person date with all of the people you’re presently texting.

The one thing you choose to do could be the thing that gets you in love and offline for good!  

Don’t rely on the lottery. Make an investment of time and effort for the best reward ever – love!

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