October 28, 2016

Post-Adolescence PTSD

Happy Friday!

OK, this might sound weird to you. But I haven’t fully recovered from the trauma of being an adolescent. 

I don’t want to sound overly dramatic – I had a perfectly “normal” adolescence. There was no big traumatic event. What I feel is a generalized trauma, a result of the overall insecurity, cringe worthy moments and poor choices of those formative years. 

And also the hair. Such bad hair…

Sometimes I’m going about my life feeling very adult and like I have my sh*t together when I have a moment that reminds me that the insecure teenager I once was is who I still am, at least on the inside. 

It’s humbling and not altogether terrible – because at least now I have my “grown up” voice, my true, evolved voice that is usually loud enough to drown out the teenager inside me. 

I completely lacked compassion for myself in my adolescence, but luckily for me I have actively cultivated self-compassion as I’ve gotten older. 

In short, I’m much better equipped to deal with being a teenager. Better late than never.