January 5, 2019

Strike While The Iron’s Hot – Your Dating Sunday Challenge!

Hello Doll,

Tomorrow, January 6th, will be the busiest day of the year for online dating. Millions of new, motivated users will be coming online. 

Strike while the iron’s hot – get online tomorrow! 

My challenge to you is to do the following tomorrow:

#1 Tweak your profile (or set up a new one! It’s time!) 

Change the order of your photos, or better yet – add a new one. Revise a line. Tweaking your profile will make your app’s algorithms prioritize you in search results. 

#2 Match AND message

You can do this while you Netflix tomorrow night. Aim to match with and message at least 10 people.

Trust me on this! 

#3 Commit to First Date Friday

Match had a brilliant idea – to encourage people to connect on Dating Sunday and go on a 1st date on First Date Friday (January 11th). 

I co-sign this plan and I urge you to make this commitment to yourself. Send those messages tomorrow and use the rest of the week to move one of those connections IRL on Friday. 

You can do this! 

Want some advice on how to make First Date Friday happen? Follow me (@dearfranny) and Match (@match) on Instagram and catch our live Q&A on Tuesday.