July 28, 2022

Stuck in a Manifesting Rut? Here’s How to Break Free

Can you relate to being stuck in a manifesting rut? It’s incredibly common, even for those who study manifestation and intellectually believe in its power. There are a variety of internal and external factors that can contribute to getting stuck in limbo when trying to call in something big in your life. 

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

-Albert Einstein

When you’re in a rut, your best strategy is to stop doing what isn’t working, and begin to embody a new level of consciousness about your situation. This applies to whatever you want to manifest, but let’s use romantic love as an example. The love manifesting journey is an easy one to find yourself stuck in. So what does “embodying a new level of consciousness” about love look like? 

As a coach of others and of myself, I’ve come to approach this question from the level of energy. You can think of your love energy as the immediate manifestation of your predominant thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about your personal lovability. Being the manifestation nerd I am, I’ve broken down the energetic signature of attracting true love into 12 separate elements, which include self-worth to love IQ to gratitude. 

Here are my 12 magnetic true love affirmations, with each one corresponding to each of these energetic elements:


I embrace my inherent divinity and worthiness of unconditional love

I am smart about love and make authentically aligned romantic choices 

I am emotionally attuned to the frequency of unconditional love

I am loved, lovable, and loving

I embody pure love and exuberant joy

I am immune to the judgments of others about my romantic choices

I gratefully acknowledge and celebrate all of the love in my life

It is my birthright to experience as much love as my heart desires

I am aware of, attuned to, and in control of my internal love frequency

I choose to cultivate present awareness, which increases my romantic magnetism

I accept and honor the romantic choices and freedom of others, even when they differ from mine

I am open to receive increasing amounts of love, intimacy, joy, and authentic connection into my life


If any of these feel out of alignment with your current love energy, I’ve got great news for you! You now know where to focus your attention in order to embody a higher level of love consciousness. Luckily, perfection is not required. However, new action at a higher consciousness is required if you want to break out of your manifesting rut. 

You have far more power than you might currently know to manifest the life that’s calling to you. Your sincere intention to embody your most magnetic energetic state is the first, powerful step to break out of the rut and step into your flow. 

Does this resonate with you? There is a part of you that recognizes your truth when you hear it, even if that recognition alone isn’t enough to transform your energy entirely. It is a step in the right direction, however. And every step counts!

If you’re done with being in limbo, then it’s your responsibility to move from thinking about the relationship and life you want to taking the actions to get you there. If you suspect or know that I am the person who can help get you there, then this is your sign to have a conversation with me about coaching. 

Send an email with a few options for when you’re available to info at francescahogi.com or pick a time here and we’ll get something scheduled.