June 30, 2017

The 3 Keys To Achieving Anything

I’ve failed a lot. I’ve fallen short of many goals. We all do it. When you fall short, it can feel so demoralizing. 

But I’ve also achieved a lot of my goals. The difference between success and failure has been really clear. These are the 3 essential elements of any success I’ve every had:

1. Setting myself up to win

We really are ambitious, aren’t we? It’s a beautiful thing. But it can also be a hindrance. I have learned to set goals incrementally, in small steps. Because each step you achieve along the way gives you the confidence of the “win” – and that helps you to keep moving forward, with more and more enthusiasm (and success)!

2. Practicing self-compassion

If there was one gift I could give the world, it would be self-compassion. One benefit of self-compassion is the less harshly you judge yourself, the less you will judge others. 

But when it comes to achieving goals, self-judgment is also kind of copout – if you’re beating yourself up, it’s hard to move forward in any productive way. So when you let yourself down, or you feel that you’ve done the wrong thing, please be compassionate towards yourself. And keep going!

3. Realizing everything is in perfect timing

Just because it’s not my timing, or your timing, doesn’t mean the timing won’t eventually reveal itself to be perfect! It can be sooo frustrating to feel ready for something, but not to see that thing appear in your life. That frustration, like judgment, can cause you to give up. 

But patience always pays off. Sometimes you have another lesson to learn before you reach your goal and sometimes another opportunity you can’t even imagine right now is coming. 

Keep the faith. Keep going after what you want in life! This is the only life you have to live, so make it count.