August 24, 2017

The 5 Biggest Lies Keeping You Single

#1 You Can’t Hurry Love

One of the biggest myths about romantic love is that it is some mystical force outside of ourselves. It’s a mystical force, alright. And so are we!

Think about it – what other aspect of life do we expect to “happen when it happens”? Money? Health? A job? Friendship? Of course, the answer is none – only love.

A beautiful, loving relationship can fall into your lap. It happens. But what happens more often is a person deciding its time to get serious about finding love. They go online. They ask for introductions. They take up new hobbies that get them out of the house and interacting with new people. They attend dating events. They even hire a professional to help them.

If you wouldn’t sit on the sofa waiting for a job to “just happen”, then why would you for love?

#2 You’ll Find Love When You Stop Looking

It’s such a peeve of mine when people say this. It’s like saying “give up on your heart’s desire in order to find your heart’s desire”, which is nonsense. Using the same analogy as above, would you say “you’ll get in shape when you stop trying to get in shape?” Or you’ll “get rich when you stop trying to get rich?”

Love is your birthright. Every person on the planet who is in a relationship has within them the same desire as you – don’t allow anyone to shame you into convincing yourself you no longer want or expect love.

#3 You’re Unlucky

It’s true that finding compatible partners is something that comes more easily to some than others, for a plethora of reasons. But the bottom line – your luck can change. There’s that wonderful expression “the harder I work, the luckier I get” – and the same applies to love.

If you have a pattern or belief system that is holding you back from finding the love you desire and deserve, it can be changed. Believing in what’s possible for you is the first step.

#4 All The Good Ones Are Taken

Are you taken? Nope. Case closed.

p.s. There are 109 MILLION single adults in the United States. Is every one of them for you? No. Are you for all of them? No. Luckily you’re only looking for 1!

#5 People Don’t Want Relationships Anymore

Do you know people in relationships? Do you know people looking for relationships? So this is pretty obviously untrue, right?

15% of Americans have tried online dating alone – that’s millions of people who are virtually raising their hands and saying “I want to meet someone”. That’s a lot of people to ignore.

Partnership and love are a human need – not everyone is looking for the same things at the same time to be sure – which is where getting clear on what you want and learning to uncover what your potential partners want is key.

Modern dating can be hard. You are faced with a more challenging dating landscape than ever before. But you are not alone – not alone in seeking love and not alone in finding resources to overcome your biggest dating challenges.

At some point, clinging to reasons why finding love is hard or impossible is a defense from disappointment. That disappointment can be armor keeping you from the very love you want! 

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