October 31, 2022

The Hardest Way to Manifest Anything You Want to Keep

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Hi love,

Manifestation is my favorite thing. I’m so grateful that it “exists” that I can always access deep feelings of gratitude just by thinking about it for an instant. And also–it can be really hard. It’s not always hard–sometimes it’s effortlessly easy. But I’m not going to sugarcoat it–when it’s not naturally easy, when it’s one of those painful areas…it feels really hard.


There’s more than one way to manifest anything. For example, you can manifest from love or from fear, or countless permutations in between. You can manifest through sheer determination, and you can manifest from ease. Spirit vs. ego. Creativity vs. competition.  There are infinite combinations, and we’ve all seen the results of these differing energies in our lives.


Here’s what I’ve learned is the hardest way to manifest anything and everything you actually want to keep:


From the outside in.


When you’re playing for keeps, e.g. you don’t just want to manifest a great partner, but also a great relationship that lasts–how you manifest matters. Manifesting from the outside in is like playing whack-a-mole with what’s really making it hard for you in the first place. You “solve” one problem or circumstance, only for it to pop up again.


There are untold planes of existence, but let’s briefly consider 3 that we all occupy as humans:

Visible: Emotions and actions
Invisible: Thoughts and beliefs
Unconscious: Self-identity and ego

The visible is so…visible–so easy to observe on the outside, that it can distract and hypnotize us. An easy example (and there are countless) is dieting. If your goal is to be in control of your body by following a strict diet, you’re manifesting from the outside in. The same way winning the lottery doesn’t magically solve destructive money habits, diets don’t override your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, much less your identity. That’s why diets usually don’t work, or at least not for long.

Now, if you have an extraordinary level of will and endurance for struggle, you can keep your energy focused on the outside, and you will see incremental change over time. This is true for anything you want to manifest. But again–this is manifesting the hard way. Results vary greatly.


The easier way is to focus on the deepest level, which is the innermost level of identity. Notice I’ve labeled it as “unconscious”, like an automatic habit, rather than “subconscious” which implies it requires decades of therapy to uncover. We don’t have to make the easier way harder by deciding you have to mine the deepest recesses of your subconscious. You make the unconscious conscious with your attention, and that is the most powerful, and always effective way to manifest anything. It’s something you can start doing right now, on your own.


The first step is to separate your identity from your circumstances, and what has happened the past. Your current circumstances are a reflection of your past identity. New identity = new results.


Bearing that in mind, reflect on the underlying identity that is the root cause of the thoughts and beliefs that are dictating your feelings and therefore actions. Common examples are: “I’m someone who struggles with love”, or “I’m someone who can’t manage money.” Reflect on any old identities you’ve already released in some part of your life. I promise you’ve done this naturally. Draw inspiration and encouragement for your future manifestations from your past transformations.

You can SO do this.



p.s. Take a listen to a recent interview I did with Simon Sinek for his podcast, A Bit of Optimism.

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