November 18, 2016

This Is Not A Test

Hi there,

This past week and a half has been rough for just about everyone I know. Election 2016 was not a joke. We’ve been in such a collective state of stress and anxiety for so long, I suppose it was inevitable that no matter the outcome, half of the country would come down hard. 

I consider myself to be a very emotionally resilient person, but the past week and half has been trying to a degree that has really surprised me. I felt unmotivated, depressed and like I was walking around in a fog. 

On Wednesday, two things happened that helped me to see the light again. First, I went for a hike and I came across the LA version of the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris – AKA the “love locks” bridge, which is a fence along the trail. 

Seeing all those locks, with names and dates written or taped or carved into the locks, helped me to remember that love will always survive any dashed hopes – love is simply who we are. And that is not changing. 

The second thing that happened was I received an email from a former client with the subject “Found love”. She wanted to share with me that she had fallen in love with a wonderful man and they had decided to commit to each other. She thanked me for my help in her journey, but I am the one who is grateful to her. Her email was right on time! 

I believe in signs – and I was reminded that while we might have to peer through fog to see them, they are still all around us. 

Now is the time to prove to ourselves that we can continue to live our values, that we can rise above the darkness and be the light. Now is the time for us to choose how to move forward. I choose love.