June 9, 2017

What Do You Most Fear?

Happy Friday! 

I’m currently in Washington DC visiting my brand new goddaughter Zora (and her mom!). She’s only 24 days old, and it’s fascinating to watch her start to absorb the world around her. 

This morning I was looking after her while her mom got some things done around the house. She was clearly hungry, but unlike being fed instantaneously as she’s become used to, she had to wait. 

In the 10 minutes or so between the time I understood that she was hungry and a bottle was warm and ready for me to start feeding her, I watched her become more and more agitated. 

That agitation, I realized was actually fear – she wasn’t thinking “Can you please hurry up and heat that bottle faster?”  She was thinking something more along the lines of “I am hungry and there’s no food! Panic! Panic!” 

In that moment, I wished I could convey to her that while she can’t see the big picture, she should rest assured that food was on its way. There was no reason to panic. 

Like baby Zora, we can rarely see the big picture in the smallest of circumstances – like what’s happening in the kitchen of a restaurant that’s delayed our meal. When it comes to higher stakes issues, like why you haven’t yet met your life partner, there is always a bigger picture that we don’t normally see. 

Panic! Panic! Is our programmed response to being in the dark. But it doesn’t have to be. Our fear kicks in in anticipation of something happening or not happening. How often do you expect a bad outcome, and then spend all of your energy shrieking (metaphorically) before the outcome has arrived?

The only thing I have ever found that stops me from defaulting to panic mode is faith. Faith that whatever is outside of my control is going to happen whether or not I freak out about it in advance. Faith that I have more control over my life’s outcomes than conventional wisdom teaches. 

Easier said than done, I know – for me at times as well! But faith is important because the stories we tell ourselves about our lives have real consequences. 

If you want to gain some tools you can start using right away to start telling yourself a different story – one that serves you rather than one that causes you to panic, I have an invitation for you!

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Have a wonderful weekend!