December 10, 2020

What Does “True Love” Even Mean?

Hello love,

What does true love mean to you? And where did your definition come from?

For me, my earliest beliefs about love came from the “Fairytale Industrial Complex” Ñ the collection of fairy tales, rom coms, romance novels, my peers, media, and popular culture. Some of those portrayals are beautiful and touching, and others are less so.

I’ve really begun to think of myself as a “true love coach,” but I can’t just leave it at that. Those are some loaded words! So to clear things up, let me go on record as defining what true love means to me. I believe a true love relationship is one based on:

  • Joy

  • Respect

  • Emotional and physical safety

  • Emotional and physical intimacy

  • Commitment

Not only do I see these as the core elements of a romantic true love relationship, but the same applies to truly loving yourself. If you can find joy within yourself, if you respect yourself, if you are loving towards yourself emotionally and physically Ñ that’s true love. And that’s what I want for you. To truly love yourself and to find an incredible partner to co-create a true love relationship with.

No matter how out of reach that might feel at the moment, I promise you it is 100% possible for you. If you need help believing in that possibility, I invite you to join my community of true love seekers, The True Love Society. Learn more and sign up HERE.