June 2, 2020

What’s Love Got To Do With The Revolution? (A lot)

Hello love,

One of the challenging things to navigate at this moment in our history is how much we get to put ourselves first. 

I see so many of my dearest friends and family diving head first into revolution mode, at the cost of their sleep and their emotional wellbeing. 

If you can relate to putting yourself on the back burner, I wrote this for you.

Loving yourself isn’t selfish, it’s not egotistical, and it’s not trivial. From what I’ve deduced, self love is beneficial to you and to everyone else. 

  • If, for instance, you are able to release self-criticism and judgment and treat yourself with compassion, it makes it easier for you to be more compassionate and less judgmental towards others. 

    If you prioritize your self care, then you’re in a much better position to effectively support those who need your help.

In other words, everyone who wants a better country and a better world would be wise to start with making self love a habit. 

We have a long road ahead of us, collectively, as we (incredibly) undergo a societal revolution and a global pandemic at the very same time. The world needs you. So please remember to give yourself the love you deserve. 

The stakes are too high for you to neglect yourself. 

Keep an eye out for some upcoming announcements from me later in the week about a special Sunday Sound Bath and some self love events I’ll be offering soon.

Please stay safe out there!