August 14, 2015

What’s Your Story?


Hey everybody, Francesca here. Today I want to talk about your story. We all have a story, every single one of us, it’s part of what makes us human, it’s how we make sense of our lives and our experiences.

The thing about story is you can have a story that really serves you in your search for love or you can have a story that really hurts you in your search for love. It’s important to know which kind of story you have and the ways in which you can shift your story so it can help you. 

For instance, if your story is all men are liars, every person I ever loved has betrayed me, it’s so hard to meet anyone, it’s just a crap shoot, some people get lucky and some people don’t, that’s not a story that serves you. That’s a story that just keeps you at a place of expecting more of the same and of co-creating that.

Not to say that everything bad that happens in your life is your fault, every heartbreak is your fault, I’m not saying that, but I am saying that you can have two people who have the same experience.

Another story that could benefit you is in the past, I’ve had relationships that didn’t work out, in the past I’ve been betrayed but I’ve learned so much about myself and about what drew me to that person in the first place and now I’m going to make a different decision.

Your story is really about the way that you shift and you perceive what has happened to you and how you can use that to serve you or how you can use that to hurt you.

Of course I’m going to encourage you to really shape your stories to serve you in your search for love, and know that everything that’s happened to you up until now has brought you to this point, has made you who you are today, has taught you all the lessons that you’ve learned if you’re willing to learn them. It can really lead you to a great place in the future if you choose to allow your story to lead you there.

You’re in charge of writing your own story, write a good one. I wish you lots of love. 

Thank you so much for watching, bye!

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