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How Knowing Your Archetype Can Help You Find Love

Imagine you are trying to make your way home, on a rocky path through the woods. Alone. Without a map. At night. With no flashlight. Worst of all, no one ever explained how to get home, except to say “when you’re not looking for the path, it’ll appear.”

Super unhelpful, right? Can you make it home eventually? Sure, you might. But how do you navigate your way with no tools, no clear directions, all while trying not to look where you’re going? Unless you get incredibly lucky, it’s not going to be an easy journey home.

Now imagine the same scenario, except this time a flashlight, a map, a snack and a bottle of water all fall from the sky into your lap. Your chances of getting home quickly and safely just improved greatly. You’re looking where you’re going. The map shows all of the pitfalls and wrong turns on the way, so you can avoid them. The anxiety, the worry, the fear – it’s no longer in the driver’s seat – you are. Now, instead of taking the same wrong turn three times because in the dark it looks like the right way, you can avoid that long, painful, unnecessary detour.

That’s how Archetypes work. Knowing yours is like someone handing you a map in the middle of your journey to love. When you look back at the path you’ve taken up until now, your map now shows you, with newfound clarity, how you got to this exact spot, and how to get home to love!

About the Archetypes

I have developed these Archetypes based on 5+ years of working as a professional matchmaker and dating coach. The Archetypes – Avoider, Looper, Surfer, and Sailor capture the four most prevalent mindsets I’ve seen in hundreds of singles looking for love.

The Archetypes are not good or bad, but rather love-blocking or love-attracting. A Sailor can still take love-blocking actions, and a Looper can still take love-attracting ones. There is no perfection, and luckily – perfection is not required to have true love!


It is unlikely that you will relate to 100% of the descriptions for any particular Archetype. It is also possible for you to see parts of yourself in more than one. I can personally relate to all four of these, as they represent my own Dating Mindset at different phases of my life.

My goal is to help my clients who might start at say – an Avoider mindset (more love blocking beliefs than love attracting ones) – to get to a Sailor mindset (predominantly love attracting beliefs) in a matter of months. For me personally, it took years for me to get there on my own! I want more for you. And I know you want it, too!

Changing Your Archetype

The good news about your complex, beautiful mind is that you can always change it. So yes – you absolutely can change your Archetype if you so chose. I see it happen everyday, and I can tell you from personal experience that it is downright thrilling when it happens.

If you don’t know where to start, I have even better news for you. You can start this very second, with a choice. If you choose to commit to changing your mind, that begins the shift. Don’t worry about the how – I promise the “how” will begin to reveal itself.

I commit to opening my heart and mind to attract my true love.

Say it out loud. Write it down. Put it on a post-it and stick it to your bathroom mirror. Repeat it to yourself before you fall asleep at night.

Your beliefs are everything. They create and define your whole world. But what is a belief? It’s just a thought you’ve thought so often it has become second nature. Whether your beliefs are objectively true or false is irrelevant when it comes to their power over your life.

Many of your beliefs were formed in childhood, as a result of experiences, trauma, education and unconscious messages your developing mind interpreted as facts. As “the way it is”.

Because all beliefs begin with thoughts, your thoughts are where the magic lies, so-to-speak, in reprogramming your love mindset. You are not your thoughts, so you are able to observe them objectively. (Unlike, say – your soul, which is inseparable from your actual “youness”.)

Know this: despite all the “evidence” you have to rationalize and justify your old, love-blocking thoughts, you will have brand new evidence once you have new, love-attracting ones.

Ready to go deeper? Click below to learn your true love beliefs, and how to change them to attract love once and for all!