Love Notes™ Sound Bath Experience

Love Notes™ Sound Bath Experience

Relax into the frequency of love.  

Deeply relaxed and deeply inspired…

That’s how I felt when I attended my first sound bath.

I was hooked, and when Michelle Berc, my favorite sound healer, announced she was holding a sound practitioner training, I was in!

I became a certified sound healer in 2019 and have facilitated sound baths privately, publicly, and virtually for hundreds of people since then.

During the covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been facilitating sound baths on Instagram Live every Sunday — be sure to follow me @dearfranny to stay updated! #SundaySoundBath

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What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is a relaxing, meditative experience where sounds are produced by crystal bowls, chimes, drums, and other instruments. The sounds are all played at specific frequencies for the purpose of bringing the physical and emotional body into a state of harmony and balance.

Or, as my teacher Michelle Berc puts it, a sound bath is “nutrition for your nervous system!”

If you’ve never experienced one before, be prepared to get comfortable, close your eyes and allow the sounds to take you on a deeply relaxing, heart-opening journey.

How is Love Notes™ different from a traditional sound bath?

In a traditional sound bath, you might lie down, fall asleep and awake feeling relaxed and refreshed. Love Notes™ provides a more active meditative experience, one focused on intentionally accessing the emotional and energetic signature of love.

You’ll still leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, but you’ll also feel more connected to to the love inside you and around you. Whether your focus is self love, romantic love, or your relationship with a loved one or humanity at large, you can tailor your experience to access the love you’re seeking to expand.

Want to experience Love Notes™ virtually for you or your small group? Drop me a line by filling out the form below. xo