The Sailor

What’s Your Dating Archetype? Quiz score 34-40

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Fictional Spirit Animals:

  • Rachel McAdams’ character in The Notebook

  • Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner and every character in every rom com who said no to “good enough” and held out for the real thing


Sailors take control of their love journey. You don’t settle for less than the exact partner you want. You know that it’s only a matter of time until you meet your special someone. Which doesn’t mean you’ve haven’t had your share of disappointment and heartache, because you have. It might have taken a long time, but Sailors have perfected the ability to heal and bounce back from heartbreak.

You are rarely plagued with self doubt (or at least, not for long), as you’re able to master your thoughts and actions more often than not. You feel “on track” – people keep popping up in your life that have many, if not all of the core characteristics of your ideal partner. This gives you confidence that your person is coming your way soon!

While it’s smooth sailing in terms of your ability to find the partners you want, that doesn’t mean all is perfect in Sailorland. Getting in to the relationship you want includes potentially getting into relationships that are dysfunctional and toxic.

Because you’re so good at manifesting in your love life, you would be wise to make sure that you aren’t selling yourself short in terms of normalizing any such dysfunction.

Dating Habits

  • Getting in to committed relationships with ease

  • Saying no to people who are close to, but not exactly who you’re looking for

  • Moving to meeting friends/family quickly with a new partner

  • Co-habitating with your partners

  • Meeting people to date organically when you’re “not looking”

  • Being very clear up front regarding your relationship needs

  • Compartmentalizing casual/sexual relationships – not getting emotionally involved with unsuitable long-term partners

  • Being torn between choosing multiple potential partners

Dating Psychology

You feel empowered about love. You have faith. You’re awesome at manifesting what you want in life. This could be an ability that you’ve naturally developed and/or cultivated via some kind of spiritual practice, whether it’s meditation, prayer, or some activity that allows you to feel connected to something greater than yourself.

None of this is to say that Sailors never have doubts, frustrations, or challenges maintaining their faith in their true love destiny. But you do have the tools and skills to keep pulling yourself back on the path, even when faced with a disappointment that could have been a major setback at a different time in your life.

Paradoxically, some Sailors have an almost Avoider-like approach to love, which is to wait and do nothing. The difference is, the Sailor’s lack of effort isn’t out of fear of getting hurt or skepticism, but out of faith in diving timing. Sailors know that sometimes you need to take a step back and realign your priorities.

Getting Closer to Love

Sailors are in an overwhelming good love-attracting mindset, but at the same time you can run the risk of complacency, just like everyone else. Just because your person is making their way to you doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to attract that person sooner!

As I mentioned above, Sailors can fall into the trap of masterfully manifesting dysfunction. This can still be love, but not the healthy and sustainable kind of love that lifts you up. You deserve that kind of partnership!

The great news is, for the Sailor, there’s not a lot of effort is required to attract a partner. But if it’s taking longer than you would like, or you want to break a dysfunctional pattern in your relationships, you can do that too!

Sailor Essential Reading

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

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